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2018.2 - DeAnza Bookstore adoption * OPTIONAL
HTML: A Beginner's Guide, 5th Edition by Wendy Willard (Author)


  • CIS89A_SLO_1 * Create a web site using XHTML and CSS and publish to a web server.

  • voyager - textwrangler ftp, filezilla, net2ftp
  • "test" page development submissions - self grade - include each item, url, rate understanding of topic. comments, suggestions, feedback
  • cis89a14fsyllabus, cis89a14fwelcome

CIS89A Syllabus, CIS89A Resources, CIS89A - Student suggestions
  1. Getting started - i,1. intro, source, webmaker goggles
  2. HTML basics - 2-3. pln, community, interesting people, thimble * find
  3. Text : A few words - 4-6. accessibility, privacy, writing for the web, pinterest * make
  4. Links : From here to there - 7. blogs * share
  5. Images : Picture this - 8. creative commons, open free editing applications
  6. Multimedia : Sound, light & magic 9. * use
  7. Lists : To the point - 10. prezi
  8. Tables : Rows and columns 11. safety, scams, javascript, hour of code * protect
  9. Forms : Data collection - 12-14. google docs forms * solve
  10. A homepage of your own - 15-16.
  11. Individual Project - one page, site outline
  12. Peer Review - rubrics, self assessment, peer review, goodbye ?? Wed
.. Welcome to CIS89A, CIS89A welcome email

CIS89A HTML and CSS Web Page Development

1. Getting started
WW.Intro/1, HD., VQ1. Webpage Building Blocks
Introductions, Voyager account, Catalyst
Composing for the Web
Sharing and Collaborating
2. HTML basics
WW.2, HD.B, VQ3. Basic HTML Structure WW.3, HD.CSS, VQ8. Working with Style Sheets WW, HD.CSS, VQ7-14
Personal Learning Environment page - outline, courses
Web Mechanics
Community Participation
3. A few words
WW.4/5/6, HD.B, VQ4. Text
PLE - personalize, interests
Design & Accessibility
4. From here to there Links
WW.7, HD.B, VQ6. Links
search, cite
Tracking changes made to co-created Web resources
Blogs, RSS, Twitter
5. Picture this Images
WW.8, HD.B, VQ5. Images
creative Commons, Wikimedia, Flickr
Coding / Scripting
Open Practices
WikiMedia, Flickr, image formats - jpg, png, gif
6. Sound, light & magic Multimedia
WW.9, HD.A, VQ17. Video, Audio, and Other Multimedia
TED, YouTube education
Researching authorship and ownership of websites and their content
Improving the accessibility of a Web page by modifying its color scheme and markup
Participating in both synchronous and asynchronous discussions
7. To the point Lists
WW.10, HD.B, VQ15. Lists
categorize into lists
Using browser add-ons and extensions to provide additional functionality
Creating Web resources in ways appropriate to the medium/genre
Choosing a Web tool to use for a particular contribution/collaboration
8. Rows and columns Tables
WW.11, HD, VQ18. Tables
Detecting online scams and 'phishing' by employing recognized tools and techniques
Adding code comments for clarification and attribution
Identifying rights retained and removed through user agreements
9. Data collection Forms
WW.12/13/14, HD.B, VQ16. Forms
input form
Synthesizing information found from online resources through multiple searches
Identifying and using openly-licensed work
Configuring notifications to keep up-to-date with community spaces and interactions
Google Docs, Forms
10. A homepage of your own Site planning
WW.15/16, HD, VQ2. Working with Webpage Files, VQ7. CSS Building Blocks
plan a web site 3-5 pages for a course, community group or a subject of interest
Comparing information from a number of sources to judge the trustworthiness of content
Using CSS tags to change the style and layout of a Web page
Identifying and taking steps to keep important elements of identity private

11. Final Projects
WW, HD, VQ20. Testing & Debugging Webpages
work out site layout, build pages
Discriminating between 'original' and derivative Web content
Securing your data against malware and computer criminals
Making Web resources available under an open license
Creative Commons
12. Peer Review

review other project
Changing the default behavior of websites, add-ons and extensions to make Web browsing more secure
Exporting and backing up your data from Web services
Contributing to an Open Source project

  • HTML - in the beginning, Tim Berners-Lee, WorldWide Web Consortium, history
  • CSS - beyond academic publishing, "brand" website
  • Web Literacy Standard - Mozilla Learn project
  • technologies - consume, create, collaborate
  • Webmaker - remix, make, share
  • cis89a.makes.org - remixes for CIS 89A
  • Choose your own adventure - personal objectives, quizzes to help you decide, map

Building activities / projects - suggestions - weekly report
  • Starters - easier, fun - overview, introduction to Web Literacies
  • Basics - skill building - all Web Literacies competencies
  • Challenges - stretch, more difficult - in depth on one or more Web Literacies
  • Projects - individual, collaboration - activities, teaching kits - based on skill or competency in Web Literacies - #tags
HTML and CSS - Visual Quickstart - textbook


notes, resources

HTML Beginner Tutorial assumes that you have absolutely no previous knowledge of HTML or CSS. HTML Intermediate Tutorial
  • Getting Started: What you need to do to get going and make your first HTML page.
  • Tags, Attributes and Elements: The stuff that makes up HTML.
  • Page Titles: Titles. For Pages. A difficult concept, we know…
  • Paragraphs: Structuring your content with paragraphs.
  • Headings: The six levels of headings.
  • Lists: How to define ordered and unordered lists.
  • Links: How to makes links to other pages, and elsewhere.
  • Images: Adding something a bit more than text…
  • Tables: How to use tabular data.
  • Forms: Text boxes and other user-input thingamajigs.
  • Putting It All Together: Taking all of the above stuff and shoving it together. Sort of in a recap groove.

HTML HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the core language of nearly all Web content. Most of what you see on screen in your browser is described, fundamentally, using HTML. More precisely, HTML is the language that describes the structure and the semantic content of a Web document. Content within a Web page is tagged with HTML elements such as <img>, <title>, and so forth. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language for describing the appearance of web pages. To create good-looking web pages, you need to learn CSS in order to define the appearance and location of the HTML elements within the pages. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/learn/css


maker map

cis89a.makes.org - remixes for CIS 89A - teaching kit > learning activities - Evil Twin
https://webmaker.makes.org, Teaching kit ? remix > learning
  • Web Literacies - Exploring, Building, Connecting - weekly discussions - competency from each strand
  • Textbook - discussions - HTML topics 1-7, 15-18. CSS, JavaScript
  • Building - Consumer - general knowledge, Builder - regular user, Advanced - power user
  • images - Creative Commons, Flickr - CC-BY-SA
Activities / projects - suggestions - choose your own adventure - weekly report
  • Starters - easier, fun - overview, introduction to Web Literacies
  • Basics - skill building - all Web Literacies competencies
  • Challenges - stretch, more difficult - in depth on one or more Web Literacies
Projects - individual, collaboration
  • activities, teaching kits - based on skill or competency in Web Literacies - #tags