[DeAnza CIS89A] WELCOME to CIS89A - Web Page Development

WELCOME to CIS89A - Web Page Development

Your account for the DeAnza Online Course CIS89A - Web Page Development will be ready to use Monday, the first day of the quarter. There is NO student access to Catalyst until the first day of the semester.

On Monday, please log in as yourself (see the information below for instructions).

If you dropped the course please ignore this email.

To login to Catalyst go to https://catalyst.deanza.edu/

Log in instructions are provided. If you have problems logging in, please request assistance https://catalyst.deanza.edu/?pg=contact

NOTE: Cookies must be enabled to access the course.


If you do not login with 10 days from the first day of the quarter, you will be dropped from the course. You will be dropped if your participation and assignment submission are inactive for more than two weeks or if the quality of your participation is unacceptable.


If you are adding, the 4 digit add code must be used to register with DeAnza for the CIS89A - Web Page Development course. Your Catalyst account is automatically activated after your registration for CIS89A - Web Page Development has been processed by DeAnza admissions.

NOTE: If you are a late add, you will not have access to DeAnza Catalyst until the next day after your Add has been processed by Admissions and Records. This may take up to 24 hours from the time your registration is processed.

Catalyst web site: http://catalyst.deanza.edu


A welcome message has been posted inside the course. Please visit the forums and introduce yourself to the class.

The syllabus for the course is online. Please read it and keep a copy for future reference.

CIS89A - Web Page Development

The course is divided into topics. Be sure to read the Notes and Assignments for each topic. The assignments, quizzes, discussions and other activities are listed.

So, now you are ready to get started. Please read Welcome to CIS89A.

Then proceed to Assignments for topic 1. Introductions

Please read the Syllabus for the schedule of due dates for the course. The first discussion assignments due Thursday of this week, so the introductions and connections get started right away. The other topic 1 assignments are due on the regular due date for the first topic assignments.


This course is an online course. There are no on-campus meetings.

If you have questions, you can send email to taylorvalerie@deanza.edu or send a message via the Questions? forum.

I look forward to working with you!

Valerie Taylor
DeAnza College