Big idea : Learn the terms and basic thinking associated with coding and programming. These are ideas that are the basis for learning about computer science.

How :
  • 5 Offline coding activities - activities to learn about coding, following directions, ordering instructions, loops * Do As You're Told * Repetitive Music * Where Am I? * Logical and Loopy Writing * Motherboard to Game Board
  • Hour of Code

story - how it worked out, suggestions, feedback, samr

In 201x for the Hour of Code Day, every learner logged into the official web site and worked through one of the tutorials. Everyone who completed the tutorial received a certificate. All 200+ certificates are displayed on the wall in the Tech Lab.

Teaching women to code can help foster greater equality, empowerment and economic stability
  • Afganistan - "Education for women is still a very sensitive topic, it is a very male-dominated culture,” says Forough. Even in strict families, where young women might still have limitations on their independence, coding offers the chance to work from home, ... the first priority was to find a safe and secure location to hold the coding classes – “we didn’t want to create any unnecessary trouble for the women or their families”. The Code to Inspire team has worked hard to foster good relations with the local community and has won the approval of the students’ fathers and brothers. 2017.3.7 profile

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