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Whipped Cream Tannenbaum
Each player Neal, Kim or Connie) gets 2 cans of whipped cream. They have 1 minute to make the tallest Christmas tree. Player with the tallest Christmas tree after 1 minute is the winner.

Build a Snowman
For this game, you’ll need marshmallows and chopsticks
  • For younger kids, use the giant campfire sized marshmallows, for a just right in-between challenge – use the normal large sized marshmallows
  • Players will have to stack 3 marshmallows on top of each other without toppling over using the chopsticks.

Snow Ball Roll
For this game, you’ll need – ping pong balls and double sided tape
  • Place a long strip of double sided tape on end of a table
  • Place the ping pong balls in a bowl at the opposite end
  • Players should try to line up 3 ping pong balls next to each other by blowing them across the table and controlling where they go so they line up and stick to the tape
  • This is a lot of fun and really takes strategy. They have to control the amount of air they blow out and the direction in which they blow the ball. You’d be surprised at how many times the ball will blow right off of the table without sticking at all. It will take a couple of tries for the kids and adults to get just the right angle and pressure

Snow Storm Race
You will need partners for this race. Using a straw, see who can blow plastic snowflakes across and off the end of the table where a team mate will catch the snowflakes. The team must catch five snowfallkes to be the winner.

Supplies Needed: Gift boxespastedGraphic.png, jingle bellspastedGraphic.png, holiday wrapping paperpastedGraphic.png
Before the party, fill five boxes with different amounts of jingle bells than wrap like holiday presents. Player has to shake wrapped presents filled with jingle bells to determine how many jingle bells is in each, putting them in order of the most jingle bells to the least . See Linda for code to which box is which.

The Rudolph Game
Give each player a red pom pom and a spoonful of vaseline. Players have to race to be the first person to put a red pom pom on Rudolph’s nose (make sure to put a bit of vaseline on his nose as well) on the other side of the room. To play, players must dip their nose into the spoonful of vaseline then get the red pom pom to stick to the vaseline on their nose. Once the red pom is on their nose, they must move across the room and stick it to Rudolph’s nose. The catch? They can’t use their hands at any time. High five to the person able to complete .

I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Supplies Needed: Hershey kisses, mom stickerspastedGraphic.png, Santa stickerspastedGraphic.png
Before the party, put little stickers on the bottom of Hershey kisses – some mom/woman stickers and some Santa stickers. To play the game, set out the Hershey kisses in a grid (lined up). We will use a checkers board. To play, players must pick a Hershey kiss from the grid and look at the bottom. If they pick a kiss with a mom or santa sticker on the bottom, they hold on to it and pick another Hershey kiss. If they pick one with no sticker on the bottom, they put the candy back where they found it. Players continue picking Hershey kisses until they find a kiss with a mom and a kiss with a Santa on the bottom. High five to each that is able to find Mommy and Santa.

Snow Ball Catch
Player stands on one side of a line, partner stands on the other side of a line. One throws snow balls ( Cotton Balls ) the partner tries to catch the snow balls in a paper bowl. See how many you can catch in a minute. High five to those that can catch.

Jingle Bell Toss
10 cups arranged in tree shape. Attached to a board . Toss jingle bells. Try to get one in each cup. High five for success.

Go Shovel the Snow
1 heavy bowl and another bowl (doesn’t have to be heavy) plus 1 dozen cotton balls that have been pulled apart – or – an easier alternative would be to use mini marshmallows and a spoon placed in the mouth.
  • Players must transfer all of the cotton balls or marshmallows from the heavy bowl to the other bowl in under 1 minute. The player with the most transferred wins this round!
  • to make things easier, you could use marshmallows as cotton balls tend to stick together. To make picking up cotton balls easier – pull them apart prior to the game.

Oh Christmas Tree
Stack cups to form a tree, unstack and stack again. Try to complete in less than a minute.