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Blended learning (video 5:15) - great overview of blended learning - grades 9-10 in examples - A school-wide approach to blended learning that allows teachers the flexibility to define and implement online instruction that meets their students needs. P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School GRADES K-12 | GAINESVILLE, FL - more...
  • TEDx (video 12:29) - models - Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School, a blended learning charter school in San Jose

blended / hybrid small charter high school - grow from 7-9 in y1
  • To what extent is school going to be project / problem / inquiry - based? Technology-mediated? Onsite - face-to-face, technology-mediated, collaborative, hands-on. self-directed? Homework / offsite? Synchronous / asynchronous?

  • curriculum - tracking, assessment, learning - fueled, ck-12, themespare
  • facilitation, mentoring, tutoring
  • project-based learning ? totally, small group instruction, classroom, virtual school classes - at school / remote
  • evaluation / assessment - plan / path, tracking, state testing, feedback, competency, mastery, achademic performance
  • blended, hybrid, online, flipped, inverted, virtual, distance - synchronous, asynchronous - two dimensions critical to differentiating types of courses: how instruction is delivered to students and what type of instruction students receive. hybrid learning, defined as a deliberate attempt to combine the best of both face-to-face and online learning. continuum of blendedness dependent on the proportion of content delivered online, with a “blended” course having 30 to 79 percent of its content online.
  • project-based - problem / inquiry / research
  • students - self-directed, input, student-centered
  • teachers - grade / subject
  • administration
  • community, families
  • technology - support, integration, curriculum - SAMR
  • college prep / ready
  • benefits - differentiation, personalization, preference, student-directed, guided, collaborative
  • grade level -
  • professional development - onsite and virtual coaching,
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • project planning - k-6
  • learning management system - collaboration, tracking, communication, gradebook

  • Blended learning - outline, benefits, practices
  • creativity - practice, courageous, aware, dig and scratch, empowerment, remix, copy, remembering, traveler, inspiration, reflection, sketch, risk, have to do it - can't just be in your head, play / hobbies matter, your true north,
  • Best practices - lots of good suggestions that apply widely
  • Discussing design models for hybrid/blended learning and the impact on the campus - online - foundational knowledge (facts, principles, concepts, ideas, vocabulary, etc.). certain kinds of skills such as knowledge management, knowledge navigation, independent learning, creative writing. some elements of clinical practice (e.g. correct procedures, video demonstrations of equipment being used, patient symptoms) vs. face-to-face...
  • New Technology Network Napa CA - Flagler Palm Coast, Putnam EDGE Palatka
  • Florida high school graduation requirements
  • Personalized, Blended and Competency-Based Learning -
  • STEM - In addition to offering K–12 STEM courses in core subject areas, we provide more than 50 STEM career-building electives, such as C++ Programming, Forensic Science, Green Design and Technology, and Engineering Design. Plus, a broad range of K¹² clubs are available to K–12 students who want to pursue STEM outside of the classroom. We offer STEM clubs such as Plant Science and Living Green for elementary students and clubs on advanced subjects such as Astronomy, Graphic Design and Science Exploration for high school students.
  • blended - personalized, where student is - not where "class has to be" as prescribed by district-wide curriculum map
  • PEAK—our Personalized Learning Platform—simplifies administration, provides intelligent reporting on student progress, and delivers “point-and-click” course customization to improve student outcomes.